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All-Stars services schools, organizations, businesses, events, and youth athletic associations, just to name a few.  Aside from our outstanding service, quality, and product affordability, we take on a unique responsibility to the community at large.  Our goal is to give back as much as we can to local and national charitable organizations. 


Every time you purchase a product or service, you are casting a "vote".  By casting this "vote", your dollars end up in someone else's pockets, and those dollars are "invested", often times wisely, by helping others, or foolishly for self-interests. 

A large portion of the money we bring in each year is used to help alleviate social injustices through donations.  It is through this type of compassion, that I believe I am making a better world for those less fortunate than most of us.  Matthew 6:21 is my faith path in putting God's Love into action. 

My hope is that you will be inspired to cast "votes" in your life that positively impact the lives of others, bringing God's Love and Mercy to those in need. 


God Bless! 

Steve Schmittendorf